New Species of Kiwi

I discovered a new species of Kiwi yesterday. And on the railing of my deck, no less.

The picture above shows what the kiwis already known look like.

According to the webpage where I found that photo, all three kiwi species are restricted to New Zealand, with the great and little spotted species found only on South Island. They prefer a forested habitat with high rainfall.

Below you'll find two pictures of my new kiwi. His beak is a wee bit small but I figure that he's young and it'll grow in eventually. Given the terrain near here, I'd say this species doesn't need New Zealand or forests and especially not high rainfall. Not that there's anything wrong with any of those things. :-)

I've not decided on what I'll name the species---any suggestions? BTW, dissenters are not welcome. And that means YOU!

The people across the street from me seem to have moved out---I've not seen them in over 3 weeks---but they left their cat. So, I suspect that soon the fellow above might be called "lunch," or perhaps "breakfast."

The cat seems to be doing fine so far. He's always been an outside cat and to the best of my knowledge they didn't feed him at all. He's an amazing hunter as the local bird population can attest---and more than a few rabbits too. I've never seen him take down a deer--but I'd not put it past him.


Your Kiwi is adorable! I dearly hope the Cat doesn't get him!
GA Girl said…
Your Kiwi's middle name is "European Starling", and if the resident kitty does grab him, there are many more to take his place - ain't Nature great!
Unfortunately, hard core birders would like all the Kiwi Starlings gone, then they'd start on the kitties...birders are a gory lot.
GA Girl said…
utenzi said…
Apparently someone doesn't know what the phrase that means YOU means. *sigh* Personally I prefer my idea of it being a new Kiwi to this silly Eurocentric Starling hypothesis.
GA Girl said…
Oh- I thought you meant someone else :)
rosemary said…
Well, of course it's a Kiwi...even my bird brain could see that!!!! Umm, I vote for the name Vick.
Olyal said…
As an Aussie, I'm more than happy to let you call what ever you want a Kiwi! :o)
Just don't tell the real Kiwis!
Teresa said…
I think maybe I'm on the "this means YOU!" list, so I'll not comment other than to say that your pictures really are lovely these days. :-)

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