Miracles come in all sorts of sizes. I think we all know that. And one of the small variety happened at my house today. Somehow, and I suspect supernatural powers would have been required, I saw the tops of my dining room table, server table and my kitchen island counter.

Now I'm not saying that there's no clutter still around and about. As you can see over there to the left---there are still bits and pieces around that should be put away. But anyone that's been to my house can attest---those countertops have never seen the light of day before. Maybe it was elves?

Dammit! They'd better not have taken my candy as payment for their services! I like candy a lot more than clean, uncluttered surfaces.

In other news, I'm supposed to go hiking tomorrow with Jules but it's been raining all day and more is forecast for tomorrow. The hike might have to be canceled---and if so, what else could we do together? Maybe if we go to one of the wide-open trails like Duke Forest...

All this rainy type weather is getting on my nerves. We spent most of the summer without precipitation and can really use some water. But! But this past week or so has only seen daily drizzles with little accumulation. It's not doing us much good in the water table department and it's god dammed depressing having it sprinkle every day.


Teresa said…
I hope the elves come to my house next! I want to see my table top too! Our precipitation is of the frozen variety -- lots of ice the past few days. The overnight storm caused a mess -- I'm going to be doing some chopping soon. Where are those elves when you need them?

You should use that hiking energy to do your Christmas shopping, Dave. Drag her along -- a woman's opinion is always nice to have.
Blonde Goddess said…
Yep...cleaned off counters is definitely a Christmas miracle in this house!
In fact, clean anything....
We are all so busy that it gets quite crazy here and a clean anything requires a lot of effort.
GA Girl said…
Wow - the elves have been busy! Looks good...

Maybe you and Jules could go Christmas shopping for your girlfriend...only a suggestion!
Yay for de-cluttering. I need to do that too. We finally have a sunny day here - after weeks of gloom... I'll send some your way.

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