Lurking just Beneath the Surface

It's kinda spooky realizing just how much exists beneath the surface impressions that we readily perceive. In the case of the photo below, the revealed "lurkers" are the remnants of a forest that's been buried beneath the surface of Lake Hartwell for generations. This area of SC and GA was flooded back in the 1950s to provide the area with hydroelectric and nuclear power as well as a dependable source of water for drinking and recreation... but that's a different story.

The drought that this area has been experiencing for well over a year now has caused the water level to drop as much as 21 feet below normal. Right now it's 15.5 feet below full pool. Having water levels this low means that things are revealed that haven't been seen in generations. This includes small things like arrowheads but also large things like house foundations, roads, and bridges--plus lots and lots of trees like the ones in the picture above.

It's weird and more than a little spooky to think that those trees have been standing there, dead, for 60 years. Just lurking under the water--which would normally rise 12 feet over the tops of the trees. No doubt I paddled right over the trees dozens of times without any idea they were down there.

It just makes you wonder how much else is lurking under the water...


Michelle said…
Stunning photo Dave :) One that evokes many thoughts.
tiff said…
It's the houses and bridges that freak me out. People used the BE there, and now they're not. Just weird.
That is fascinating! Someone could write a great Science-Fiction story about what's lurking beneath....! It is hard to imagine those trees being covered by 12 feet of water, looking at them right now....!
Spooky, Indeed!

A Very Very Happy New Year To You, my dear....May 2009 be a truly wonderful year for you and yours, in every way....GOOD HEALTH, MUCH HAPPINESS AND AN ABUNDANCE OF CREATIVITY AND PROSPERITY....!
Cynnie said…
Water creeps me out ..
When i was a kid we swam in Badin Lake ( red muddy water ) ..and you could walk in the water to some old train trestles and then swim in between them..once me and some dude i was flirting with were treading water in between ..and I asked him how deep in the water here ? ..he said about 85 feet ..

I almost shit ..
the thought of STUFF down there with my kicking feet just scared me
I still have issues going into water i cant see through

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