Kitchen Toy

I love toys. Since I'm a guy, that's no huge surprise. So when I got the new Williams-Sonoma catalog the other day, I knew I'd have some fun.

Here's a picture of one of the cuter toys. The Professional multi-chopper! It cores, slices, wedges, and dices too. But you know what? I don't like it.

Much as I like toys for the cooking and such, I enjoy the mechanics of food prep. I don't want a toy that makes it easier to chop and dice. I want to do those things myself with a sharp knife. In fact, being able to play with knives is half the reason I enjoy cooking.

Much as I like to eat good food, I'd be just as happy snarfing down candy and chips. It's the actual process of cooking that I enjoy so this toy is just not for me. It is kinda cute tho. Maybe I can find someone who wants one...


I also think about how practical the toy may be, like how many times will I actually NEED to chop potatoes like that? Maybe once a year or less. So, it would be just one more item I'd have to find a home for. No thanks! My kitchen is already packed to the max.
GA Girl said…
I agree with Evil Twin's Wife. I might use something like this chopper once a decade...considering how much I cook.

Watch out for those knives, Utenzi ;-)
tiff said…
One of the happiest sounds on earth is a sharp knife though an onion. Those choppers don't do that.

However, I do have one of those 'quick chop' things that require one to BANG on their lil' plungers, which can be cathartic.
Deana said…
I just ordered the apple peeler thingy from Pampered Chef. I've always wanted one and I hate peeling apples or pototoes. Williams Sonoma has so many gadgets it makes my head spin. I look at it and think "Do I need that...would I be a better cook if I had that?" so many questions.

Good luck with your chlostrol meds. I missed my annual checkup in November. I am not going to reschedule to waaaay after the holidays. Mine would have to be awful and I keep fighting not going on the meds. As long as my HDL is really really good, I am not going to worry about all the bad LDL I have. Famous last words right?
rosemary said…
I love the WS catalog....sadly I can't afford much from it. I did get an electric tea kettle from them and some cloth napkins. I take Red Yeast Rice for my high cholesterol....has done the job.

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