Kayaking and Dying

I have two kayaks here at my parent's place. One is for moving quickly and the other is a very stable fishing kayak. Since the water is so low, many stumps and other obstacles are lurking around wanting to tip me over so I've been using the fishing kayak. The problem is that it's a lot more effort to paddle that one and it's killing me.

However despite that figurative dying from the paddling, the dying that the title refers to is my camera. It had a brief bath today in the lake and the next few pictures looked like that one to the left. Not good, huh?

After that the camera wouldn't retract the lens for a while. It was just sitting there dead and looking like Pinocchio with its lens all the way out. Fortunately it finally fired up and was able to shut down properly.

I guess it's not good for digital cameras to take baths. Especially in really nasty clay filled water. The poor thing looks a little like a blackened clump of clay right now. I'm going to give it a day or two of rest before trying to get it to work again.

Here's a picture I took before the camera-bath. Don't those tires remind you of lemmings wandering into the ocean for that last fatal bath? Just like my poor camera. RIP.

If I remember correctly, lemmings don't really march to a watery grave. That's just a myth that's existed in one form or another for centuries. I remember seeing this talked about in White Wilderness, a 1958 Disney documentary that featured visuals on just such a lemming death march. Unfortunately (especially for the lemmings) that visual was created by the film makers forcing the lemmings to jump and drown. Poor lemmings. Kinda makes me want to tell the tires to not jump...


kenju said…
Those tires are an ugly blight and I hope that the water levels go up again soon so they won't show anymore.

Sorry about your camera and hope that drying it out will prove the medicine it needs.
Bummer on the camera. I hope it makes a hasty recovery.

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