First Attempt

Trial test of Zolpidem, a type of generic Ambien, 10 mg.

Took one tablet at 1:50am, read uintil 2:27am, turned lights out and went to sleep soonafter. I woke up with a smooth transition at 8:22am. This was slightly odd for two reasons, I usually wake immediately, it's like I have an onn\off switch, and also 6 hours of sleep is out at the very edge of what I normally get. As a result, I'd say that the Zolpidem did work though not with the exterme action that I've often heard ascribed to Ambien. I'll give it another shot tonight and see how well I sleep Sunday morning. Up to this point, a placebo would probably give similar results.

I'm going hiking in 4 hours so I'll probaly post a picture of two from that later on. Or maybe some cooking/baking experiment should one of those seem photo worthy.


GA Girl said…
Wiki says the effects usually begin with 15 minutes, were you sleepy when you went to bed?

Since your sleep/wake cycles are so erratic it may take some time to see a new sleeping pattern.
Hey... Just a thought -- Have you ever considered 5-HTP? I use it regularly these days with excellent results (It's a form of tryptophan)

Available in health food stores, at least up here.

Here's to getting better sleep!!

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