Dinner when you're Single

I made these cookies as soon as I got home from work and have gone through almost half the batch already. I guess the goulash I made yesterday will have to wait another day... chocolate tastes better!


Or you could say "Dinner When You're The Adult". I often have cereal or something else that I like while I serve the family the "real dinner". LOL.
Nikki-ann said…
Do you have enough chocolate there? :D
utenzi said…
Hard to say. I've got something like 20 of those Hershey bars there---I think they're 7 ounces each. For some odd reason I've not felt like eating them tho. I bought them before Thanksgiving and they're just sitting on the counter gathering dust. (btw, $1.25 ea at Wal-mart)
Blonde Goddess said…
No-bake cookies are my favorites!

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