Cookies and Candy

I seem to be thinking about sweet things a lot lately. Must be the holidays, huh? Yesterday's post about the wintergreen patties was just the tip of the iceberg.

What do you think about this recipe for Molasses cookies? I don't have any molasses on hand but since I need to make a run to Wal-mart to pick up a prescription for two drugs that my doctor prescribed for me yesterday, I can grab the molasses while I'm there. And look for some wintergreen flavoring too. And since I've already bought the fixings for no bake cookies, it's shaping up to be a very sweet weekend.

In my defense, somehow I managed to lose 5.5 pounds during the 8 days I was wondering around the southeast last week. I can't explain the weight loss since I certainly managed to eat a fair amount of food.

Hmmm. I weighed in at 207 yesterday morning whereas I was 212.5 before I left. Maybe driving burns a lot of calories? That must be why all those long-haul truck drivers are so svelte. LOL

Getting back to the drug thing, I've been having trouble sleeping for a while. Since about 1969, if you want to be specific. And since I tend to avoid doctors I've not done anything about this problem in the pharmaceutical sense. Now that's changed: my doctor is prescribing Ambien to see if it'll help. I've heard about the side effects on the news so I'm curious about how much help---and harm---will result from this experiment. I'm willing to endure some side effects if I can sleep 5 hours or more a night however I don't want to wake up to find myself sleeping in a tree--or worse.


Teresa said…
I tend to not like multiple spices in my cookies, so I probably wouldn't like those. But it reminds me that I have a question about parchment paper. I want to use it to line my cookie sheets this year -- I usually use foil. Since I make a lot at a time and rotate three pans, I wondered if you knew (or someone else knows?) whether I can reuse the parchment paper a few times or will I need a new sheet for each tray I do?

I only took Ambien once. I'm drug sensitive and try not to use any, so my experience may just be weird. I didn't wander or anything (but it's my understanding that those symptoms occur after using it for awhile -- kind of a tolerance thing), but I did have vivid dreams and apparently yelled out a lot during the night. I slept though....
Teresa said…
I forgot to add.... Melatonin is a good substitute for Ambien. My only side effect was scratchy eyes in the morning.
GA Girl said…
This is similar to a recipe my mom used to make. I'm not a huge fan of molasses cookies, they make my teeth ache - don't know why.

Hope you get some sleep Utenzi, you get grumpy when you're awake too long ;)
srp said…
I believe my mom puts molasses into her gingerbread cookies... perhaps I should pull up her recipe as it looks as if any cookies served this Christmas will be made by these hands... woe the persons having to eat them!
OMG, all these sweet recipes and photos. Yer killing me over here!

Hey Dave, don't forget to come over to my blog to play the weekend Meet & Greet... I'm now hosting it! :)

Can't wait to see ya by... Have a great weekend.

Cynnie said…
ambien will make you eat like a cow ..EAT LIKE A DRUGGED COW.

I promise'll wake up with food in your teeth and no memory of how it happened.

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