yes we can

Senator Obama, speaking in Chicago, just finished his presidential acceptance speech a few minutes ago. It's easy to believe that President-elect Obama will have a term of office that could well be considered as symbolically important as the Camelot presidency of JFK. And I certainly hope that his real impact on the country is even greater than that of Kennedy.

The acceptance speech, particularly President-elect Obama's use of 106 year old Ann Nixon Cooper's lifetime to act as a yardstick for where the country has been and where it might go, was inspired and well, presidential. His repeating the phrase from his campaign, "yes we can", and the crowd chanting it with him was particularly powerful.

And in a wonderful departure from the past 8 years of partisan bickering by many in the GOP, Senator McCain gave a timely and gracious concession speech. The Republican crowd that was gathered in Phoenix wasn't as filled with grace, but to his credit McCain quieted the partisan crowd down each time they booed the Democratic victory and imparted to them his vision of what the US can be and urged them to unite with their fellow citizens. It's unfortunate that the miscreant that has been in charge of the country these last 8 years measures up so poorly against McCain. It's small wonder that they've gotten along so poorly.

The poise with which President-elect Obama commanded the attention of the Chicago crowd speaks well for the future as does his skillful elocution. I find myself very hopeful for the future of the USA under the new administration. And I suspect that the other nations and peoples of the world will respond much better to our country now that the neocon thugs are being chased out of Washington.


Teresa said…
I actually dozed off during Obama's speech, but that really wasn't a reflection of him -- just part of my malody. I'll probably listen to the speech on the web later this week.

So, did you heed my wishes and actually vote?
kenju said…
Yes, we can - and we did!!
GA Girl said…
I played Leonard Cohen's song 'Democracy' all the way in to work today, with the car windows open - take that Georgia!

President Obama is very inspirational. I hope one of the first things he addresses is Guantanamo...and torture...and renditions...and almost everything the scum of the last 8 years dictated.

So what's with North Carolina - can't make up your minds???? ;)
Utopia said…
Amen, David!
Janet said…
I'm hopeful too, and inspired and actually proud to be an American again :-)

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