Top Chef

WARNING: Spoilers follow...

WTF? It's the first episode of the new season of Top Chef and the hottest woman is already eliminated. What the hell? Are they trying to push away their audience? The two people I liked most from the interviews, Patrick and Lauren, did the worst in skills challenge. Not good. I've only watched the first part of the show---I'll watch the rest in a few minutes.

The Manhattan apartment the contestants are being put up in certainly looks great. I wonder how much cash it takes to hold down an amazing pad like that. $$$$

I just finished watching the rest of the first episode and Patrick lost at the end. Damn. My two favorites both gone on the very first show. They were also the two youngest at 21 and 24 which might have something to do with it. One was a CIA grad and the other is currently enrolled there. Interesting.


GA Girl said…
Is this the show with the nasty chef?

NBC just canceled "My Own Worst Enemy" so I won't bother to watch what I've recorded - yes, more time for "Heroes"!
utenzi said…
Nope. I believe you're thinking of Hell's Kitchen, GG. That's a remake of a BBC show both of which star Chef Gordon Ramsay. Top Chef is on Bravo Network and Hell's Kitchen is on Fox.
Teresa said…
I know nothing about this show except what you say about it, so...

I'm surprised to hear they canceled "My Own Worst Enemy" though... the commercial tout Christian Slater's performance as the most talked about of the season... Not being a fan of his, I don't see it (one of my peculiarities is choosing better people to play roles -- wanna guess who I think should be playing Henry/Edward?), but I actually like the show -- and that's saying something since I usually skip anything of this genre.
utenzi said…
I watched the first 3 episodes, Teresa, but it never appealed to me that much so I had already deleted it from my DVR's programming. My biggest complaint, I guess, is that it seemed way too complicated a setup to give these superagents a false "mild identity." Why bother? And that 24-hour monitoring of their lives? Ha!

I can't think of who you might want in that role but as for me, I wasn't impressed with Christian Slater's version.

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