Cat in a Drawer

Today after work I went to visit Jules. I'd not seen her since early this year---though according to her it'd only been since May. In any case, it'd been at least 6 months (that's girl time--it was 9 months in normal time).

I was responding to a call for help. Jules had bought a dresser at Target and decided she needed help putting it together so she called me. LOL Yes, she must have been desperate 'cause anyone that knows me knows that I have little patience when it comes to building things. Just ask Renee! She and I had some cross words passed back and forth while on home building projects.

As you can see by the box to the left, this was a rather large dresser for a kit. We had our work cut out for us--especially 'cause my boss kept me at work an extra hour looking at some slides with her. As a result, by the time I'd driven up to Jules' house it was already past 6:30pm.

And to broach an entirely different subject: it was damn cold today. It even snowed a wee little bit. I had to do some wandering around the campus on errands and I thought parts and pieces of me were going to freeze off. I wasn't dressed for a polar expedition! Brrrr!

Here's some of the pieces after we'd unloaded the box. It was actually rather intimidating to see such a wide array of pieces all over the living room floor. I really started to have second thoughts!

And as a result of our flagging enthusiasm.... we had something to eat instead of doing any construction. Once our bellies were a little happier, the task didn't seem quite so daunting. And so we dug in and began to build that dresser like nothing you've ever seen before.

LOL It wasn't as scary as you might think but I will admit that the first part we put together had to be taken apart again. Oops. I have to admit to being at fault on that one. Silly me, I'd assumed that part C would follow parts A and B. Nope. It was F and G following parts A & B.

Here's a view of the main part of the dresser in front, on the other side of the room, with the pieces of the drawers we had yet to build in the foreground. Fun, fun, fun.

The main body wasn't hard to build but every screw that was driven in, every cam lock that was turned, and every board that was fit to another board took some time.

By the time we'd accomplished the shell of the dresser, I was starting to realize that the 9pm Tarheel game wasn't in my future. It was nearly tipoff time and at this point there were still 6 drawers to be constructed. You see, the game was on ESPN and Jules doesn't have CATV. *eeek*


It was almost 10pm by the time we had the dresser all finished. You can see it here with most of the dresser drawers in place. I was making sure that they all worked correctly. There were one or two "issues" and some remedial tightening had to be done.

Once that was accomplished, it was time to take the drawers back out to make the dresser a little easier to carry. Then we started hauling everything upstairs to Jules' bedroom where the dresser was going to be stationed. Fortunately she wanted it placed by the wall as soon as you got in the room. I sure was glad I didn't have to lift the dresser over any of the existing furniture in the room.

And here's a picture of the fully built dresser along with it's first occupant. She looks happy---and I suspect she's not going to want to give up that comfy home to a handful of socks.

As I could tell that there was a fight brewing between a possessive kitten and a tired Jules, I quickly quit the premises and beat a path back home to my lovely high-def screen and lots of channels. *sigh*

So, what's the score, you ask? Well, North Carolina beat Kentucky 77-58 and I have a slightly sore back from all that bending and carrying. This getting old crap is for the birds!

*Lee: this footnote is just so that Lee can't say that I mentioned two other women but never mentioned her. :-p


kenju said…
Good for you, Dave! Coming to the aid of a damsel in distress - I didn't know you had it in you. The dresser looks nice. Soak that back in a hot bathtub!
The Evil Twin does not enjoy the words, "Some assembly required". He gets ticked off, cusses a whole lot, gets the job done and proclaims, "I am never putting another item together again!" LOL.
Teresa said…
LOL. I suspect the cat would enjoy the drawer just as much with socks in it! Maybe more....

Check your blog posts, Dave. Girl time is much more accurate than "Dave's normal time". ;-)
Julie said…
Dave, you forgot to mention the hugs...
- Jules
utenzi said…
True, 'cause I didn't want to have to mention the lecture I gave you. And also that I owe Lee a dollar. I hate losing bets!

Teresa, yeah, cats just love drawers.

ETW, I tend to skip ahead and that can really screw up a construction project. :-(

Judy, I didn't do the bath thing but I spent a lot of time with a heating pad. It helped.
Omykiss said…
In the good old days when you bought a dresser, you bought a dresser ... as in ready made ... not a construction kit! The world is all upside down. We've done away with tailors and happily (sometimes) buy ready made clothes. Whatever happened to ready made furniture?
GA Girl said…
Cha-ching! Glad you're enjoying your vacation, Utenzi. ;)

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