skull food

I had an odd visitor today. He's a mite skinny so I thought some food might be in order.

Yep. Just skin and bones. Well, bones anyway. You'd think the fellow would be fairly sturdy what with all that calcium and such...

But just look what happens when you give the fellow a little hug. And that's not as bad as it gets.

The skull innerds just keep coming out more and more. It's more than a mite icky and not the sort of thing a guest should display to his host.

I must admit that the display did inspire my food choice. I made goulash 'cause it reminded me of the stuff coming out of the poor guy's eye socket. Yum-yum!


Teresa said…
Odd post, David... I don't understand....
Deana said…
Ooooh, that was just nasty!

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