Real Food--sometimes

Yesterday Judy expressed some concern about my eating habits.

I do realize that I eat too much candy but I eat "real food" also. Really!

Here's what I had for dinner last night and the leftovers for lunch today while I watched the first half of the Bills and Jet's game.

Chicken fried pork medallions with cream pork gravy on mashed potatoes with apple sauce on the side. Yum?

Actually the gravy wasn't very good. I don't like the taste of caramelized meat so home made gravy often doesn't taste good to me. One day I'll give up on making it!

Here's what it looked like. I liked today's lunch a lot better 'cause I didn't have any gravy with it.  Icky gravy--but the meat and taters were quite nice.

So, don't worry about my nutritional needs. I do eat some real food. It's just more fun to eat candy and kid's cereal.   :-)


kenju said…
You made pork chops and mashed potatoes and you didn't invite me? I'd eat all your gravy; I love caramelized meat!!
I LOVE cereal. One of the perks of being an adult (IMO) is being able to have a bowl of cereal for dinner. LOL.
Michelle said…
OMG Dave! Thats what us aussies call "heart attack on a plate"!!
Where are the veggies??
rosemary said…
I'm with Michelle....fried, gravy...the only worse thing would have been fat back! Al least you had applesauce.
Omykiss said…
A bit of green stuf might have made a difference ... it would have looked a bit less peelywally too ...

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