Potato Chips and a toy

This is my newest toy, and at $18 a fairly inexpensive toy. Despite the low cost, the ceramic blade in the mandoline is quite sharp. I was careful not to test that sharpness on my own flesh. The reviews on Amazon gave ample warning that I'd be sorry if I did such a test.

Here's a closeup of the thickness selection spindle. You can adjust the thickness of slices from 0.5 mm to 3mm. The reviews were mixed on how well this worked. From what I've seen so far, I think it'll work well on less dense items but on spuds, I'd keep the control at 2mm or 3mm. The thinner settings are 0.5mm and 1.3mm.

This is Mr Potato (AKA spud) cut in half and getting ready to be sliced a whole lot more. I feel bad when I cut up a mouse but not so much when it's a potato in my sights. Thems just taste good---particularly when copious amounts of grease are involved. Be sure to use that knobby finger protector 'cause the blade is very sharp.

See what happened to that spud?!?! It's now a pile of raw potato chips. Amazing. I used a red potato (low starch) for this 'cause that's what I had on hand but a Russet would work better (high starch)

You should use oil that's at 350f. My oil was a little too hot here and I had to let it cool down a mite before tossing in potato slices. You might be able to see in the pan a small bit of potato that I used to test the oil. Oh, and isn't my infrared temperature toy nice? I LOVE that thing.

Those nice 2mm thin slices of potato becoming much more delectable. Spuds are 75% water so the chips reduce in weight quite a bit while cooking. I find that I can easily eat 2 medium sized red potatoes when converted to chips. That would be one large Russet.

Aren't these pretty? Nothing like grease and taters to whet the appetite. And they're so easy to make at home, especially when you have a toy like a mandoline. You can also bake the sliced potatoes if you're trying to keep the fat content to a minimum---but that's no fun!

I've only used the mandoline twice so far and have just used salt for seasoning. I'll experiment with other spices and such soon. And maybe try frying sweet potatoes, onions, apples, etc


Thumper said…
Ohhhh..I want. Both the red thingy and the infrared thingy... Those are technical terms, right???
I want a mandolin like you would not believe. And, that's a good price on that one. The ones I've coveted were much more expensive.

My husband will thank you when I bring a mandolin, a fry daddy and an infrared thermostat home....
GA Girl said…
Pretty color! Again, great timing on my part ;)
kenju said…
Yummmm.....save some for me.
flleenie said…
I want some!!!

Michelle sent me
Anne said…
Hi, Michele sent me.

I'm with thumper, I want those thingies too. I've never heard of an infrared thermometer, where do you get one and how much are they?

How often do you need to sharpen the ceramic blade? (And how?)
Michelle sent me.
I looked at the potato thing and thought 'I want one' then I realised I do not want more gadgets, nor do my hips need deep fried chips!
Shannon H. said…
Hello, Michele sent me.

Those look delicious!
Wow Dave, I've gotta get my head outa the gutter. When I saw the first photo, I thought it was a paddle! ;) Too funny. I used to have one of those years ago (the slicer) and loved it. Thanks for sharing!

Michele sent me by!
David said…
poor mr potato head! ouch

here from michele.
God bless America
Nikki-ann said…
Yumm... homemade (as we in the UK call them) crisps! :D

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