Pizza, Pizza!

The title is inspired by Little Caesars Pizza. That was my favorite chain when I was a lot younger. I assure you, they don't taste the same now. More's the pity. Just another case of expanding too fast and losing quality control. :-(

The pizza theme is occuring due to a quiz I took on OK Cupid. Here's what the quiz concluded about me:

The Pizza Geek

You are a pizza geek. You're well-versed in the history of pizza, the regional variations of pizza, the varieties of crust styles and topping options, or all of the above.

If you aren't sharing your next pizza with a fellow pizza geek, though, you may want to make sure they'll enjoy hearing selections from your vast trove of pizza trivia before you start geeking out.

And here's the actual score I received:

80% Traditional, 58% Experimental, 87% Self-Aware, 81% Assertive, 75% Pizza-Geek, 62% Healthy, 60% Regional, 50% Special and 63% Picante!

The OK Cupid member with the name WonderfulLap devised the test and if you want to take it, just go to the following location:

Pizza Test on Cupid


Well, we still like Little Caesar's. A $5 pepperoni pizza? You can't get one frozen that cheap! The one we get our pies from is actually quite tasty too. Even if their employees need to learn better skills with a pizza wheel (they never seem to be cut all the way through). LOL.
kenju said…
ALAS, since mr. kenju's stroke, we don't eat pizza anymore.

I like California Pizza Kitchen pizzas, the ones they sell in the grocery.
GA Girl said…
Yes, Little Caesar's has gone the way of Hostess cupcakes...

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