On the Trail

I've got several days off of work, what with Thanksgiving and all.

As a result I'm on a tour of South Carolina and Georgia visiting JLee, my brother and his family, and spending Thanksgiving at my parent's house.

As you can see here, I'm getting some hiking in. This is a trail down the shoulder of Little Kennesaw. Despite the temperature being under 30f I was sweating. The hike up Kennesaw is steep and despite only being a mile in length, it's a nice little workout. Little Kennesaw, in comparison, is a breeze but nice for a cool down.

I'm hoping to get in some kayaking soon but there's been such a drought going on that it's not going to be easy getting my boat to a place that I can launch from. I should get some interesting pictures though. Lake Hartwell is something like 22 feet below it's normal depth. That's a whole lot of land exposed that is normally under water.


rashbre said…
It looks like a very scenic area and if it's only 30F (ie around 0C), then it certainly looks wrmer!

Here today via Michele! Hiya!


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