Michelle and the Fox

Here's a first for me--a post about watching television. Heavens to Betsy!

First of all, I watched my favorite show this season, The Big Bang Theory. It's half way through it's second season and I still love it. Must be the geek factor. I feel like I know all these guys--but not the waitress, dammit.

One of the hidden gems of the show is the closing screen. To the left is an example from Monday's episode. In the show, the relative merits--actually the suckiness is more like it---of several of the Star Trek episodes are examined as well as some of George Lucas's work. The closing screen refers to those criticisms aired within the dialog of the show. *giggle*

My second topic connects to the first in an odd way. First though, the name to the left, Michelle Felicetta is the name of the woman who was attacked by a red desert fox two weeks ago, on Monday November 3th in Prescott, Az

As you can tell from the screen to the left, she was on The David Letterman show this past evening. Her humor and stage presence were quite remarkable. She appeared a natural, trading lines with Letterman like a seasoned pro.

Those qualities can easily be seen in this picture where she's reacting to one of Letterman's quips.

Her ordeal with the rabid fox was worse than had been originally reported. She told Letterman that the run to her car with the fox's teeth firmly embedded in her forearm was preceded by the fox initially biting her foot and drawing blood. Then when Michelle tried to scare it off, the fox bit her on her knee, then when she gripped it by the scruff, in an attempt to dislodge the varmint, that's when the fox got the serious bite on her other arm. *whew* Yet despite all that she still had the presense of mind to control the situation and bring that furred foamy-mouthed villian to justice.   

The odd connection between the two shows is that while not quite as cutting, Felicetta's humor is similar to that of Sara Gilbert, who has appeared on a number of episodes of The Big Bang Theory and they even have a vague physical resemblance to one another. (it doesn't show up in this picture tho)

And in another news flash, the focus of one of my early blogging crushes has returned to blogging. Yaeli, who was at the time an Australian nursing student, is now a nurse and upstanding resident of Vanuatu.

The last I knew, she had married Benson, a resident of Vanuatu, and settled into the mostly gentle rythyms of island life. I'm find myself quite curious to find out what has happened to her in the past year or so. Going from a complex modern society to the simpler (?) life on islands where even electricity isn't a given has to make for an interesting story.


Diane Mandy said…
I hadn't heard about the fox story. See what I am missing out on?
Olyal said…
Man I miss TV! I only have 3 TV channels here, one's a religious channel that operates part time, one is a french channel that time shares with the local channel, and one is the chinese channel. No Big Bang Theory for me... although it does sound very interesting!

How flattering to be the subject of a post!! I have indeed married Benson (now A.K.A Woollu in the blog world), although not as long ago as you might think...
But fear not sweet Dave, my "blogheart" still belongs to you! :o)

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