I Love Sales

...and I love candy and best of all is sales on CANDY!

My heat is on and it's up to 62f (and still climbing--I like it around 65f). I had all the windows open when I first turned it on 'cause I hate that stinky smell when it first comes on. And I went in and got a much needed haircut right after I picked up all that pretty candy.  I'm set until Xmas now.


Nikki-ann said…
That's a whole load of sweets! :D
Thumper said…
Just until Christmas?
GA Girl said…
Oooh! - Cherry TootsiePops and Smarties...my timing is impeccable! See you Friday - hope some thing's left ;)

Glad you are finally warm.
GA Girl said…
I forgot to ask - what happened to the 40lbs. of Smarties you were going to get - did you clear Walmart out?
rosemary said…
....and there are those Smarties you love so much.
rosemary said…
PS 47 here at 1:30
My husband and son love Smarties too. I kinda think they are chalky. Way to stock up, there!
kenju said…
Tsk, tsk. What will your doctor say?

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