No, it's not really cold here. The freezing is happening on television. Two shows this season---Life and Eleventh Hour, in case you're curious---have had plots involving people killed by freezing to death. And if that's not odd enough, in both shows the corpse did not thaw out in a reasonable fashion. Freaky, huh?

And if that's not enough, the show I like less was the one with the more reasonable explanation--even though the banter during the examination was quite ridiculous. "Are you sure she wasn't exposed to a virus?"

Ummm. How many viruses cause a person to freeze to death on a sunny beach in 90+ weather? Why would a ME be looking for internal causes for freezing when it's obviously going to be an external factor? (yet, it did turn out to be an internal factor so I guess in the long run I was wrong on that objection)

Did anything unusual go on in TV programming last night at 8pm? Nothing that I had programmed in from 8 to 9pm got recorded. It was weird. I turned on the TV at midnight and was quite surprised to see a gap in the recordings. I hope Cheney didn't stage a coup. That would preempt programming for at least an hour and it would certainly be likely given his personality. President-for-Life Cheney? There's a concept that is soul-freezing indeed!


GA Girl said…
Don't know about the 8PM thing, I was watching a DVD of last season's Heroes at 8:30 - maybe your Direct TV was diverted (and therefore, Indirect TV sorry - it's Friday). On the bright side;) the sun is going into it's active phase in it's 11 year cycle - so maybe more outages.

Cheney for life is too evil to comprehend. Speaking of cold and barren, how does one freeze to death internally?
utenzi said…
Sex with my EX almost did it. Took years for me to recover.

Given the heart condition and all, Cheney for Life wouldn't be all that long a reign of terror. Who knows, maybe one or two of the rights in the Bill of Rights would still be intact.
Teresa said…
Nothing unusual happened here... not that I know of. I watched Survivor without incident. I did record Ugly Betty, but haven't checked if it worked. Sounds like your DVR had a signal problem at 8 o'clock.

So, you aren't going to explain how they resolved the internal freezing? Maybe it was kind of like on NipTuck when someone was murdered by being stuffed like a stuffed animal only this time they used ice cubes?? Hmmmmm...
utenzi said…
Sorry, Teresa. I didn't mean to be secretive. The freezing was accomplished by using an air-injected chemical that produced an endothermic reaction when it encountered potassium in human tissue / blood.

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