First Stab

First watercolor I've done. Looks like something a kid would do. Maybe one of those "special kids" paintings you see on stamps around Christmas time.

I hope that I develop a little technique over time. And some finesse might be nice too. There's a lot of technical details going on in painting that I hadn't considered. Just loading the brush with pigment, and seeing how it unloaded onto the paper was more involved than I had considered. This might take a while...


That's quite nice. I think watercolor is a difficult medium. Art can be a good therapy and FUN!
Teresa said…
Not bad, Dave... As someone who can't draw or paint at all and has no sense of technique, I can only judge by what I don't mind looking at. I don't mind looking at it, Dave!

(Of course, I've got many treasured kid's pictures in my possession too...)
Carmi said…
I never progressed beyond stick figures, but even so I'm very impressed by this! There's a neat directionality to the strokes, and the shading leads the eye where it needs to go.

Please keep at it. You give folks like me hope that the walls will one day be covered with compelling scenes like this.
utenzi said…
Carmi always has such positive energy. And he was probably hard pressed in this case to find something positive to say. I posted this to give me motivation to improve. It really really sucks.

ETW & Teresa, see my comment above--but thanks for the positive energy.
Olyal said…
I'd put it on my wall Dave! Guess which prodigal blogger has returned? :o) Hope you're well and that I see you 'round the blogs more often! Yaeli.
utenzi said…
My prayers have been answered. Yaeli's still around, albeit on the other side of the planet. Hi Cutie!
rashbre said…
Actually - I quite like it. It shows you have your own style - something others can take a while to develop!

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