Corn and Book

I finished reading Michael Connelly's book The Brass Verdict and really enjoyed it.

No, this picture isn't here to indicate that the book was corny. Not at all. I just happened to catch this fellow snacking on some corn on my parent's porch this afternoon. It was a brisk afternoon and the squirrels--as well as a couple of birds--were taking the cold as a sign that it was nigh time to get their Winter storage issues in order.

Back to the book, I pretty much read this entire book in one sitting. From midnight to 5am I gnawed my way through all but the last 80 pages. This book, while employing both LAPD Detective Harry Bosch and the Lincoln Lawyer character Mickey Haller, focused mainly on Haller via a high profile celebrity case involving a movie producer accused of killing two people. His wife and her lover--and just weeks after she showed interest in divorcing him--highly suspicious timing, you might say.

Haller had the case fall into his lap via an unusual situation that added a lot of interest to the book. And there were relevations of a personal nature that would indicate that Connelly intends to use both Haller and Bosch together in the future but in this book Bosch is there mostly to anchor the police enforcement end of the celebrity case that Haller is defending. And of course the attempts on Haller's life as well. It is a novel, afterall, and what novel is complete without the narrating character being in danger of being murdered?

This is a very interesting novel and I recommend it for folk that like Michael Connelly's writing style. Further, I have a feeling that the next few novels will be featuring the unusual fellowship of a police detective and a defense lawyer though the circumstances of their partnership remain to be seen. The end of this book just hints at the possibility.


GFS3 said…
I love Michael Connelly as well. I've got "The Brass Verdict" on my shelf ready to go.

But I've also got a few extra copies to giveway from Hatchette Books. If you or your readers want to win "Brass Verdict" and "Lincoln Lawyer" go here:

Love the squirrel!

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