Brain and Muscle

The title is derived from the stained muscle cells that appear on my screen, courtesy of some Masson's trichrome staining I did last month. The brain is visiting from the JLee collection, purchased at the Mutter Museum in Philly, PA. Which is where JLee also originated, more or less.

On the left is the brain trying to eat my highlighting pen and watch while clinging to my computer monitor. On the right is a shot of the lid of the brain's container--where it sleeps--against the backdrop of my monitor. I Photoshopped this picture a little. Like they say at Mutter---Disturbingly Informative!


GA Girl said…
I also visited Fonthill :)
if I lived in the area I'ddefinately volunteer there, just for the behind-the-scenes tour!
I'd love to tour the Mutter Museum. Maybe when the kids get older....

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