I've been zipping through books lately. I just finished a book, The Judas Strain, by James Rollins a couple of hours ago and I immediately started Michael Connelly's new book, The Brass Verdict. I love the way it starts with the line "Everybody lies" just like they always say in House.

The Judas Strain was enjoyable though the criticisms on Amazon about having thin characters is certainly true. But there's a lot of action and the science that goes on isn't all that terrible. The main plot is that there's a nasty virus starting to pop out somewhere in the Indonesia islands. A group of US superagents that are also trained in science are being deployed to take care of the situation. However they're being hampered by a possible mole in their organization as well as the behind-the-scenes meddling by other US agencies as well as a shadowy evil organization known simply as The Guild. LOL It's actually better than it sounds but at times I did get tired of some of the silly pseudo-science stuff near the end. I bought the book as a remainder off of Amazon and it was $6 or $7 and it's well worth that amount. I'd not suggest buying it at retail!

I have high hopes for The Brass Verdict. Connelly is an excellent writer and in this book he has both his long running character LAPD Detective Harry Bosch and the more recent character Mickey Haller, the main character from the book The Lincoln Lawyer, helping one another despite the gulf between their jobs. You see, Bosch is a police detective and Haller is a defense attorney. As you might guess, sparks do fly as they find themselves early on at odds with each other and later in the book coming to each other's aid. Anyway, I'm going back to reading the book!


Bob-kat said…
Hi. Sounds like you'vre been doing a lot of reading! I just can't seem to find the time lately. Let us know what you think of the Brass Verdict :)

Sorry, I haven't been around much lately. I've been really busy/not well.

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