I used to have to work every weekend. Tissue culture work--a regular component in biological research-- demands it. Cells need to be fed regardless of what day it is on the calendar. Fortunately there's post-docs to do that menial stuff for me now. Except when the critters are all off at conferences or vacation at the same time. Which is the case this weekend so I find myself injecting mice, feeding cells, and changing buffer solutions this weekend. :-(

And yesterday's home football game against Notre Dame really interfered with parking. I had to walk from way, way far away. At least UNC was able to pull off the win though it was a very close game.


Sorry you're having to work this weekend. Hopefully, next weekend will be back to normal for you.
Utopia said…
Go Tarheels! So nice to have a football team....I'm used to having to hold all my UNC enthusiasm for basketball season, you know!
kenju said…
You mean you don't have designated parking at your lab? I'd fuss at them for that, Dave.
Smug said…
My sister's boyfriend is a big UNC fan, so she is becoming one too. Aparently, it was a pretty tight game!

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