I watched The Amazing Race last night and I wasn't impressed. Whoever is picking the teams seems to be spending too much time making them "interesting" and not enough time finding ones that are likable.

My favorite team is still the Mom/Son team and there's a few more that I like somewhat. The two computer guys, the long-distance dating team and maybe the Frat guys. There's a lot of folk I can't stand. Like that Football Wife. No wonder the guy was fooling around behind her back---she's a bitch. Actually there was a c-word I would have used but some folk find it objectionable. Go figure.

And that dating couple where the guy is a freakin' basketcase and the woman is just out of her mind: "..and they didn't even say "hi" to me." Get over it!!!!! And those Southern Belles digging in the sand while several teams run right by them on the beach. Nothing clicked, eh? Oy!

And at least this week the team that lost wasn't very interesting. The Hippies last week could have provided some interesting insights had they stayed in the race for a few legs. The couple that lost last night just didn't seem to be fully engaged in the race--or with each other.

My mind is blanking for the moment but there were so many times last night when I was just shaking my head. Let's open the mike to the audience: What did you or didn't you like about the second leg of TAR?


Teresa said…
I hated the last challenge where they had to pick out a phrase determining where they were going next, but really liked the guy they had to tell it to.

I agree about that blonde who was cheated on -- but I don't use either of those words, so I'll just say that we should duck tape her mouth shut. And Mr. Overemotional has got to go, particularly since his mate indulges his crap. (Though I have to say that a few of his antics were typical male behavior, so what's to be done?)

I don't believe that contestants have to be likable so much as interesting. The problem is that they think we are interested in conflict rather than something about who the person is or how they approach the race. Last nights activities were lame, so the personal conflicts were all you could focus on. Not a great show. But there's always next week....

(I'll be answering your emails soon...)
utenzi said…
Promises, promises!

I like interesting as long as it's nice-interesting. Unfortunately the producers of TAR seem, more and more, to be jumping on the Reality TV bandwagon of only wanting nasty-type interesting people.
I used to enjoy this show, when I could catch it on. I'm not much a TV viewer. These days, I restrict it to one addiction at a time. So, I narrowed it down to Survivor and that's the only one I follow. I wouldn't have time to stalk all my favorite bloggers (like you) if I watched too much TV. LOL.

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