No, not the steak. The oil guy. T. Boone Pickens, I mean.

I watched 60 Minutes tonight and the middle segment was on Pickens and it was aired mainly due to The Pickens Plan, a controversial plan that T Boone is pushing for the supposed goal of making the USA energy independent. His plan is to use more natural gas which we produce domestically as well as make a huge capital expenditure to create a network of wind turbine farms stretching in the midwest from the border of Mexico to the border with Canada. Some, maybe much, of that land aquired by eminent domain.

I was hoping that there'd be more information on the Pickens Plan on the 60 Minutes segment but the piece focused pretty much on what T. Boone wanted to say rather than an objective critique of the plan.

I personally think it's worth one hell of a lot of money for our country to become independent from Middle East oil but I just don't know if the Pickens Plan is practical or just a ruse to further line the multi-billionaire's pockets with more public money.

Even the "minor" part of the plan---to convert gasoline powered trucks to natural gas thus decreasing gasoline needs by around 25%---is a huge undertaking. Something does need to be done--but is it this plan?  It's hard to trust a billionaire 'cause they usually don't get that rich by wanting to help others.   :-(


GA Girl said…
It's also difficult to trust the "Swift Boat" ringleader.
utenzi said…
They briefly questioned Pickens about that, GG, but let it go after he "confessed" that he had no regrets and would do the same thing over again. Right now he's making nice with the Dems since he needs them to get his plan funded.

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