Soul Deadening

There is something in my building that kills souls. Working here over the weekend got me sick--I was all dizzy and nauseous yesterday--and for the second time in a weeks time a phone battery died on me. I don't know about my being sick, but the battery issue seems to be related to the lack of signal here in the lab. It's like the phone really, really wants to get signal and strains too much. I just have to remember to keep the damn thing turned off when I'm at work or simply leave it at home.

The two post-docs that work with me have a theory on getting sick here. You see, we just moved to this lab a month ago and it's the only "interior" lab here---which means that it doesn't have any windows and probably wasn't originally designed to be a lab. The air circulation is really weird and so fumes from our chemicals and equipment can build up a bit and the temperature regulation is quite odd too. They both think the lab kills souls but they've never ventured an opinion on if it can kill cell phone souls. At least the cell phones recover after being hooked up to juice for a few hours back home--I don't know what the lack of sunlight and fresh air will eventually do to us.


rosemary said…
No windows? I'd be a raving lunatic in hours. A soul is a a cell or in a cell phone.
kenju said…
Killing souls is one thing, but if you are using dangerous chemicals in an enclosed area with poor air circulation, it could kill bodies, too! Move away from that lab NOW!
It sounds kinda dangerous... Eeeks. Maybe y'all need some floor fans to kind of move the air around a bit.

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