Old and New

Here's both of them.

My 8 year old Dell is the off-white one in the back. Yes, the one with the mold growing on it. And the new one is in front and a shiny silver.

It's hard to believe that the old one cost nearly $2k and the new one was just $239. Of course the old one was bought with a big 19" monitor (which was quite big back then) which bumped up the price quite a bit, but still even adjusting for that the new one is only about 1/6 the price.

You just have to love the way tech prices just keep dropping while most other prices just keep on climbing. Speaking of changing prices, I'm almost out of gas so I'm filling up after work on Monday and seeing prices under $3 a gallon is quite nice for a change. Too bad they're likely to come back up eventually. :-(


You and me both, bro with the shiny new toys. :-) Mine's a smoking HP laptop with webcam.
GA Girl said…
Very pretty - I like shiny things. Oh, just remembered, my bithday's coming up *grin*
kenju said…
Oh, yeah, my birthday is at the end of this month and I could sure use a new Dell to go with my new 19" monitor!!
Omykiss said…
We just got new work laptops ... they're Dells too ... with Vista business ... I'm loving mine.

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