It started a bit before 7pm. 23 kids --2 were definitely teens-- and almost 4 pounds of candy later I turned off the lights and closed out Halloween '08 at my house. And  I still have a bag of butterfingers leftover for me!

Tomorrow morning brings half price candy at Wal-mart, a much needed haircut, and I'm finally turning on my heat.  It was 55.8f in here this morning.  Gotta love it. Helps the circulation, y'know?


Into the Light said…
We had at least 100 visitors of varying sizes, everything from babies to adults. I have a lot of candy left over... and I'm trying really hard to stay away from sugar these days. I'm sure it'll get eaten though.

I'm hoping to avoid turning on the heat for a few more weeks... it turned itself on at least twice though.

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