New shows

Today I watched Sanctuary, that new show on the SF Network. They had a two hour premiere on Friday night and they're playing it a bunch of times for the next week.

It was very pretty with a pretty cast and pretty special effects. I'm not watching it again. Slow, pedantic and boring. I suspect it'll develop a good following though 'cause it was very pretty.

I also watched the first two shows of the second season of Life. I really liked the very short but interesting first season and so far the second season is just as good. And last week and this coming week they'll be showing two shows per week. Sweet!


Smug said…
I think that Life is my fave show this season! I have picked up anything new and actually dropped quite a lot, but I LOVE life!!
GA Girl said…
I haven't watched any of those shows but may record Life since it's getting such rave reviews!
SassyAssy said…
At last....a fluff article I can relate to....stop with the scientific chart stuff, will ya?

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