A little synergy here. It's a case of one plus one equals more than two.

The noodles, while edible wouldn't be very tasty, but add a meat sauce--a little too rich all on its own---and things get very tasty. Anyway, it'll feed me for the weekend.


GA Girl said…
Looks yummy - where's the garlic bread? :-)
Teresa said…
I admire male eating patterns. Though that does look tasty, I'd eat a serving and "maybe" have a little more in a day or two, but there's no way I could eat it every meal. Though that's another male thing, I guess -- the camel effect, enabling you to eat a lot of it once a day and be happy. Anyway, I need variety.

(and the promise fulfillment is going to have to wait)
Yum! I love things like that!

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