lines of significance

I spent too much time on this today not to show it to a wider audience.

Please forgive me for not including the line legends. Until we publish, my boss is rather guarded about things like that.

Essentially each graph is plotting one or more bioactive peptides against control (no drug) in a cell line. We're measuring how effective the peptides are at discouraging the growth of cancer cells in the 3 cell lines (ME, HCAE, and 2H11).

The more difference between the two lines, the happier it makes us 'cause the peptide is differentially affecting the cancer cells.

...and they pay me to do this stuff. Cool, eh?


GA Girl said…
Your error bars are wonderful - and lots of signifigance! Guess it's something to do while you can't sleep but I prefer petting cats ;)
SassyAssy said…
I needed help with my sleep tonight! Thanks for sharing!
Ouch. All that thinking makes my head hurt!

I'm glad that you enjoy it, though and I hope you all find a cure for things like cancer or MS someday. That would be awesome.
tiff said…
I second the error bars comment - it's so cool when experiments turn out like this!

Now, about those stubborn MECs....
Deana said…
Nice, you get paid to do that sort of stuff?

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