Knife Skills

I received this book from Amazon a few days ago.

It came with a DVD but I've not had a chance to look at it yet. I hope to either tonight or tomorrow. There's few things more fun than developing great knife skills but I must admit it can make others a mite nervous if they're watching. I don't know if it's fear that I might lose a finger or that I'm unstable and might come after them. Either way, a little anxiety just makes it more fun for me!

Doesn't the fellow on the cover of the book, Chef Weinstein, look very competent? The book has very good reviews on Amazon and from skimming the text and pictures, I agree with the favorable reviews.

Just look at how delicious those tomatoes look over there on the left.

As you can see on the left hand page, the book goes over quite a number of cutting techniques as well as the basics of selecting a knife, sharpening it, honing it, and keeping knives clean but not rusty. All that serious stuff, y'know?

The pictures are quite attractive. Your quintessential food porn photography---a category I really appreciate.

And there's even some space dedicated to fancy displays of knife work like this basket made out of an orange. Isn't it cute?

There's even a short section in the front of the book that gives a history of knives and their uses down the years. Nothing like a little anthropology along with your food porn, eh?


Teresa said…
Oh my! You're going to go broke just buying things to utilize your knife! Since I don't have a knife, the book wouldn't be much use to me, but the pictures sure do make me hungry!
I would love to acquire mad knife skillz, but I'm pretty uncoordinated and probably just hopeless.
GA Girl said…
Be careful with those knives when your hands freeze up from lack of heat!
utenzi said…
It was chilly this AM, GG. 56.5 in the bedroom and 52 in the rest of the house. November 1st is just a couple of days away tho.
Omykiss said…
I find sharp knives a bit scary ... I may be a bit of a doubting thomas but I suspect there may not be much use for an orange basket ;)

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