It sucked

For the first time in its two seasons I didn't like an episode of Life. It still had its moments but on the whole, it sucked.

The episode last night revolved around the death of a prominent cancer researcher at a private pharmaceutical institute. Since I work in research I saw a dozen stupid dumb ass mistakes in the first two minutes of the show--and it only got worse from there. Now I see why cops don't watch police procedurals. Those shows much drive them nuts.

The researcher was killed by a measured, and inadvertently self-administered, dose of liquid nitrogen. He was expecting oxygen gas to come out and instead liquid nitrogen did and he froze solid and remained that way for many hours and then broke up into small chunks.

The subplot revolved around animal rights protesters and to remind us of the problem, the lovely lab had one wall adorned with a plethora of rat cages. Cages with no food, no litter, that were very clean and pretty. And permanently in a lab. And a lab in which the PI (principal investigator) and his lone lab assistant would work for 3 or 4 days straight through.

And back on Earth...


tiff said…
Oh, all of that is so WRONG!!!!

Smug said…
Yeah, none of these shows follow thw way things work in real life. I love how the CSI's are all able to get DNA results and other tests completed and the whole murder solved in the same day (as evidenced by the actors never changing clothes)! Oh well, it is just for fun! I hope that you like the next episode better!!

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