Eleventh Hour

Did anybody else watch that new show Eleventh Hour? It's a new CBS show that had it's premier on Thursday October 11th. This is a Jerry Bruckheimer show and apparently he's lost his magic. This show sucked.

The premise, as borrowed from Wiki's discussion of the show, is that:

Dr. Jacob Hood (Rufus Sewell), is a biophysicist and Special Science Advisor to the FBI who is brought in to investigate scientific crimes. Hood is the government's last line of defense, and it is his mission to keep scientific advances out of the hands of those with nefarious intentions. Special Agent Rachel Young (Marley Shelton), of the FBI's executive protection detail, is assigned to protect Hood.

Rufus Sewell is rather boring and Marley Shelton is totally out of her depth here. She can't act worth a damn and pouts and flirts her way through scenes in which she's supposedly laying down the law as a serious by-the-book FBI agent. Her tendency to draw her gun every time anyone so much as hiccups can't be blamed on her though--that must be the director's fault (that's Danny Cannon, by the way).

The first episode involves an investigation into what seems to be numerous attempts at human cloning. I don't plan on ever watching this train wreck of a show again so I won't know the plotlines of future episodes. I recently criticized Life for getting their science info so screwed up, but that show isn't about science---this one is, and it was also pretty bad in that regard.

Apparently a billionaire, wildly grieving at the death of his only son, decided--after 3 suicide attempts--- to instead fund a multiple year attempt to illegally clone his dead son using a homicidal nurse and a defrocked obstetrician under the direction of a shadowy evil scientist type. At least they were a little creative and made the scientist a woman. We guys in science are more than willing to share the mantle of evil genius with our female counterparts.

I was really hoping that this show would show some depth and explore scientific topics at the fringe of research. Not so much.


Teresa said…
I had no idea what this show was going to be about until I saw it. I really couldn't tell at all from the commercials. So, I didn't go into it with any expectations. But I agree the episode was a mess -- a lot of improbably, inexplicable, or generally inane events leaving me with lots of questions. However, I do intend to give it another chance. I'm thinking someone saw something in the pilot and perhaps cleaned it up for a series. Maybe?
utenzi said…
You're so optimistic, Tazz. Not me. That first episode was too annoying for me to give them another chance.

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