cooling off

I wanted to wait until November 1st to turn on my heat this Winter but it's looking like I'm not going to make it.

For the first time, this morning it was below 60f in my bedroom and that's usually the point at which I turn the heat on each year.

I took the picture to the left when I got home from work tonight at 7:12pm (a grant is due this week and we've been staying late every night lately).

When I went to bed last night it was 61.8f inside and 38.6 outside, this morning when I woke up it was 59.4f inside and 34.2 outside. 13 hours later, when I arrived home it'd only dropped 0.6f degrees to 58.8 but I bet tonight will see that fall at least 3more degrees. It's supposed to dip down into the low 30s again tonight.   Brrr!

I think I'll be turning on the heating system when I get home tomorrow night. I'd have done it today if I'd gotten home earlier. The system is stinky when you first turn it on so I want to have the windows open and me outside---so it's better to turn the heat on when I can go out and do some yard work while the house is airing out a bit.

One thing I can promise--I'm not going to be happy tomorrow morning when I have to get out of bed. It's probably going to be around 55f in here.  Double--brrrrr!


Stink or no, I think I'd turn the heat on! That's just too cold to face a morning. Bleh!!!
kenju said…
Our heat's been off and on for a few days now. We have a programmable thermostat, so I set it for automatic and it comes on when it's needed. Mr. kenju is colder all the time since his stroke, so we have to keep the house at about 73* all the time.
GA Girl said…
did you survive the cccold night? Brrrrr :-(
utenzi said…
It wasn't that bad, GG. When I woke up it had only fallen to 56.5f. Not balmy, of course, but not bone chilling either. If I can get out of work on time today I'll turn on the heat but otherwise I'll probably wait until Nov. 1.

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