Most years around this time my tv watching schedule explodes. After a quiet summer of contemplative reading there's suddenly a mania of once again watching my favorite shows as they start their new season and sampling many of the new shows that the networks are rolling out.

This isn't most years. Not even close.

Last year a lot of my favorite programs took what I thought were wrong turns and I stopped watching them. Examples, you ask? How about My Name is Earl? Anyone out there really wanted to see him in a coma a third of the season and in prison, embittered, the rest? Not me. That was just stupid. I stopped watching ER also. Numb3ers was wearing on my patience too. I didn't like all the male bonding during the latter part of 'Til Death's season nor the whole fucked up arc in Heroes, ditto for Dirty Sexy Money. And Ugly Betty's romance between the accountant and Betty got way, way too old. As a result I'm not watching any of them this season---oh wait, I'll give Heroes another chance. It's just got too much damn raw potential not to watch it.

As for new shows---there's not really all that much there. I liked last nights Fringe. But I don't think there's that many other shows that are going to join it in my viewing schedule. Here's what I'm going to try out...

Monday: Worst Week, which I think will be bad but I'll watch it once to see for sure, and My Own Worst Enemy.

Tuesday: The Mentalist and Fringe, both of which I think will work out.

Wednesday: NOTHING

Thursday: Kath and Kim, which isn't very likely and Eleventh Hour.

Friday thru Sunday: Nothing.

So for new viewing there's 5 shows which I think I'll watch, and House which I've gotten hooked on this past summer. And exiting are a total of 9 shows. It's a television graveyard out there folks.


Smug said…
I have decided to wait on several shows to come out on DVD. There are just too many that I want to see to try to DVR them all and get them all watched every week. Especially now, since in addition to my already full schedule of work and school, I have added pregnancy and impending motherhood! I can get them on DVD (which I would probably do anyway) and watch them when it suits me!
Shephard said…
If this helps, I already read that the account love plot will end immediately and abruptly on Ugly Betty.
I feel the same about Heroes. Hoping it will win me back.
Deana said…
I want a show to watch. I got bored with Desperate Housewives and tired of Grey's Anatomy. I love the Office but just kept missing the time slot.

A friend told me to check out True Blood on HBO, the vampire series. I saw a bit of it last night but it looked pretty lame. I need to DVR a whole episode and see. I wait and watch Heroes on the DVD. I wonder if season 2 is out yet?
carli said…
I haven't seen 1 show I'm really, truly interested in watching. But I came back to ER last season and will stick with it till the end. Mid-season I'll have Scrubs (likely and hopefully the last season), which I hope will return to form after its awful, strike-shortened 7th season. And I'll stick with SVU, Family Guy, Simpsons, 30 Rock, Office, and Degrassi as my main shows. Without a Trace, Cold Case and House will be occasionals. Oh, and Jeff Goldblum coming to Criminal Intent? Yay.

BTW, I saw a promo for Earl that indicates this season is all about getting back to the list.
It is sublime! It is a really special series.

Here from Michele's tonight--Well, this morning, but I haven't been to sleep! Good to read you once again, my dear Dave.
I like House, too. When I can remember to catch it.

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