Mars Attacks

If you've seen the 1996 movie Mars Attacks, by Tim Burton, you'll know what inspired me to make this somewhat unusual picture of myself. Actually, just the head is me. "Ack, ack!"


PBS said…
Ha ha, I like that movie. It actually kind of surprised me when people started getting killed left and right in it.
Connie said…
My kids found an old VHS of the movie several years ago - when they were very little. I worried it might be violent for them, but they're smart kids and know 'good guys vs. bad guys' .. we watched it together. They were ok with the obvious fake killings and aliens. They were ok with the dog mutation. They got upset when the aliens grabbed a woman's purse and went through it (That's stealing!) and the 'fire cows' (at the beginning of the movie) were scary.... ya never know.

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