I am now officially old

My doctor's appointment on Tuesday morning launched me into my waning years, I'm afraid. Now I admit this isn't the official way to define the "golden stage" of life, but to me once you have to take a drug everyday you're old. Today I picked up some statins to control cholesterol and they have to be taken every day.

But it could have happened sooner. My doctor wanted me to take high blood pressure meds a couple of months ago. I had to talk her into running a 24 hour BP monitor instead. Fortunately that test (it checked BP every 15 minutes for a total of nearly 100 datapoints across the 24 hours I had the monitor on--which is a lot more accurate than taking just one BP reading at the doctor's office)

Today also marked the second time in recent weeks that people have peeked inside of me. Today it was an echo cardiogram. I was surprised at how much detail it showed. For the most part I was facing away from the screen but the last 5 or 6 minutes I could watch--and it was a mildly interesting show. The scan was very much in the way of precautionary on my doctor's part so there's nothing to worry about. I don't think I'm going to be dropping anytime soon. On the other hand, I'm taking a med daily now so the clock is ticking louder and louder...


GA Girl said…
You sound so calm for being so OLD!
Smug said…
I don't know if this stuff makes anyone "old" my sister has some minor health issues, but they require her to take meds each day, and she is not old. Age is just a number and how you feel is what is important!
rosemary said…
three suggestions:

diet change
red yeast rice

been there done that with the high cholesterol and i refuse to take a statin....the above dropped my results from over 300 to a stable 215.
kenju said…
welcome to the club.....LOL. My echocardiogram uncovered a prolapsed valve and atrial tachycardia!! You're lucky.
SassyAssy said…
Ancient One....maybe that is what happens when you put off annual checkups?????

Glad you are relatively healthy & that your snarky humor is intact.
Uisce said…
when I was in prison and lost all that weight, my cholesterol numbers went way way down, and my doctor was quite impressed. OK, just kidding about being in prison. :)
Michael Manning said…
You are a young man, Utenzi. So, remember not to compare your health with others. 20-somethings today are dying young from drug use and otherwise ruining their lives with piercings and tattoos. Know that you have a peak performance level that can always be strengthened no matter what age you are. And this is Hopeful! Live on!!!

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