I watched that hour long show tonight at 8pm on NBC that introduces the new season of Heroes. It was soooooooo boring that I had no interest at all in watching the two hour season opener that aired right afterwards. I sure hope the show is better than the overly long commercial that preceded it. Else it'll be a one episode season for me. That show burnt a lot of bridge with that annoying fiasco last year.


Into the Light said…
Sleep, Dave! SLEEP!
Thumper said…
It was all right. Not riveting, but not boring, either. I'll keep watching, in any case.
I've never seen that show. Now that I've missed the premiere boat, seems like it'll stay that way.
Nikki-ann said…
I only ever saw the 1st episode of the first season and I wasn't all that excited about it, so I haven't watched it since.

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