Future Trends

Back on the 17th I speculated about my future given that I seem to not be able to hold a relationship together. Several folk commented that I need to work harder at it. Personally I think I just need to wait it out. It'd not surprise me if Lee and I end up married or something way down the line--of course given her age I'd best not wait too long. :-)

If you're curious about why I say that. It's a fate thing. Now normally I don't give "fate" a whole lot of credence but in this case there's just too many wild coincidences involved. Here's a little comparison so you know what I mean.

Lee is 10 years older than I am. Her father worked for the park service so her childhood was one of frequent moves. She lived all over the place. In her teens, say 15-18 she lived in this very small town--only a few hundred people--in upstate NY. From there she left for college in a town 5 hours away in western NY, not far from Rochester. After college was a marriage, some traveling about, and then a divorce, then she went to work in a town about 20 miles from where she lived as a teenager. The scientist she worked for moved about a bit and Lee went with him and after a few stops they ended up at Emory in Atlanta. When she left his lab she went to an off campus facility where she worked with 7 other people in an isolated lab located in the top floor of a state hospital.

Now the reason that brief life sketch is relevant is because of how it relates to mine. You see, I lived the first third of my life in that small town in upstate NY. Lee lived on this isolated road by a river and my parents had some friends that lived across the street. Sometimes when the two couples would go out to dinner my parents would drop my brother and I off at the friend's house and the babysitter would watch both sets of kids. So in all likelihood Lee babysat me and my brother on at least a few occasions. And since Lee was a teen there, she would hang out with other teenagers in front of the general store (the only retail place in the area) which was right across the street from where I lived. So no doubt I had to push my way past her (the teens were very annoying to the younger kids) many times to get into the store to buy some penny-candy. Not the last time I was to push on her legs to get what I wanted, I might add.

The college she went to 5 hours away? That's the same school I went to. We both majored in biology and had a number of professors in common despite the 10 year gap in when we attended. And while she was in college my parents moved to a town 20 miles away. Which just happened to be where Lee ended up when she got a lab job after college. Not only the same town, I might add, but she lived just a mile away from where I lived then. When riding my bike around I'd go right by where she lived. No doubt I saw her a number of times and thought nothing of it.

And that small lab she joined in Atlanta? That's where we met for the first time as adults. It still freaks me out to think about the likelihood of two people from such a small town in NY, that never knew each other due to the age discrepancy, would end up working together in such a small lab 1,000 miles away from where they lived as kids.

So that's why I think there might be an element of fate at work here. What do you think? Keep in mind this woman has 4 inside cats and one outside and continues to live in that nasty Atlanta. Those are very bad traits, y'see. And remember that Atlanta is over 5 hours away from where I live and that's just too far away.


GA Girl said…
Well, your facts are mostly correct but I doubt she babysat you - that would just be too weird :)
utenzi said…
Weird is the name of the game here.
Teresa said…
Weird is one word for it, Dave. I believe in fate, but you have never shown any inclination towards it. You are a man of circumstance, but only as it's presented to you. While I agree that Lee is your destiny, circumstances prevented the fulfillment a long time ago. Since you generally don't set up circumstances, I guess it's up to her to present the circumstance that will allow fate to prevail. The questions are when and whether you are worth it.
rosemary said…
Well, I move to Idaho from California for Steve.....and i have 4 cats....so you never know.
Utopia said…
So MOVE David.....go with it....you'll feel much better!
kenju said…
It sounds like you were destined to be together. Maybe she'd move to NC in a heartbeat, if you ask....:)
utenzi said…
People, are you ignoring the phrase "way down the line" here? She has to get away from Atlanta first and that's not going to happen until she retires. And then we'll work on the cat problem.
The Evil Twin is 9 years older than me and we have a lot of strange "fate" things (not nearly as many as you & Lee), too. Having a long distance romance must be tough for you two, but if it's meant to be....:-)

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