Folding Eggs

Many people seem to think that the most difficult part of making an omelet is folding it at the end.

That's just not true.

Here's an omelet that I made this evening for my meager little supper.

It's comprised of 3 eggs at room temperature, a few ounces of feta cheese and one slice of ham, diced.

After you dump the beaten eggs--I don't add anything to the eggs when beating them other than a pinch of salt--in the pan, let them sit for a couple of minutes to firm up.

Don't have the pan too hot else the eggs will burn. I use one notch below the medium setting on my stove. Of course all stoves are individuals so take that with a grain of salt.

Add fillings onto the egg once you can shake the pan and the eggs will slide. The eggs haven't completely set at this point. Most guides want you to add fillings after the eggs set all the way but I like to give the cheese more time to melt.

Once the eggs are completely set, fold the first edge over by moving a spatula underneath and then use your finger or a fork to hold the edge of the egg and pull a third of the way over and drop.

If you did it right, it'll look like that second picture. After that I take the doubled up section and repeat the above process. You could also take the other side and fold it over the doubled up part.

Either way you'll end up with something that looks like that third picture. Then just slide the omelet onto a plate like you see in the last picture. And eat!


Teresa said…
Eggs are an individual taste. I've always been a fan of cooking eggs slower at lower temperatures, but sometimes an egg-eater wants them crisper and higher, faster cooking is necessary. My son is not happy unless cheese is oozing from the sides and he'd prefer you put some more cheese on the top and put a lid on the pan for a minute or so.

Of course, I think it's the pan that really makes the difference. Andrew's egg preferences do a number on my pans -- I'm mesmerized by the condition of yours. Wow! If that doesn't get Lee to give up everything.... But I digress...

When I was a kid, the only pan I'd use for eggs was a heavy pan (probably iron, but I really don't know... maybe someone will know what I'm talking about?) that was covered in a light blue substance. It was relatively small, but it never let me down. I have no idea where that pan got to -- probably lost it in the move, but I still as using it in the early 90s.
carli said…
Now I want an omelet.
I was just thinking of you yesterday, 'cause all the Halloween candy is out, and this year, they have pumpkin spice Kisses. Not sure if you are into the non-chocolate candy, but I was pretty freaking excited.
GA Girl said…
What pretty eggs you have! Guess the pan is pretty, too...
kenju said… favorite thing to eat. I think I'll lower the temp the next time I make an omelet, though, because sometimes mine do brown too much.
SassyAssy said…
Looks scrumptious! I love breakfast any time of the day...preferably in bed ;)
Smug said…
I had an omelet this morning. It had garlic, onion, red, yellow and green peppers, and some jack cheese. We were trying to empty the fridge! It fell apart, but I think that we sauted all the veggies first and then added the eggs. I think that we need to remove the cooked veggies from the pan, and then follow your directions to have better results!

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