Anyone out there that loves to eat breakfast should pick up the current (October '08) issue of Saveur. It's a special issue dedicated from cover to cover to the joys of breakfast food from around the world.

You know the famous line out of Jerry Maguire where Renée Zellweger says "You had me at hello"? Well this issue of Saveur had me at page 44. That's the first page of an article on Southeastern USA that focuses on Waffle House. Hello! And their wonderful hashbrowns. Them's good eats.

I've never been a fan of Eggs Benedict but the full page picture on page 33 is quite seductive. It almost makes me willing to make some right now. Too bad I don't have any Canadian bacon on hand. Of course I do have ham and that might do in a pinch...

I'm almost finished reading Bart Ehrman's recent book God's Problem. I really enjoyed his previous book Misquoting Jesus and this book is even better in some ways. In case you're curious what the problem is that's referred to in the title, it's suffering, and Ehrman takes us on a biblical journey to discover why, according to the bible, we have to suffer. Whether you are Christian or not, it's an interesting exploration.

Update: I had a horrible time trying to upload that picture up above. I finally gave up and went out and mowed my front and side lawns. It feels so good to do that with the milder temps we're having now. Only 70f when I went out at 6:30 and 67 when I came in at 7:45. Anyway, I finally gave up on Firefox--the 3.0 build is apparently having issues with my computer---and I migrated over to Google Chrome. Bad Firefox!


kenju said…
Dave, I could eat breakfast 3 + times per day! In fact, we just had omelets for dinner.

I'll look for that magazine, and you ought to try Eggs Benedict. A really good one can't be beat. I last had it in NYC, and it was to die for!
Carmi said…
I hear ya. I latched onto breakfast as the ultimate meal of the day when I was a kid and spent weeks at a stretch in the hospital. The nights were always lonely, and I remember waking up early, waiting for the smell of the breakfast cart. It always arrived before the cart did, of course, and it reminded me that the day was about to get much, much better.

Those little packs of marmelade, of all things, remain increibly vivid memories. I could eat the stuff all day and night!
Carmi said…
Oops, one more thing:

I'm running Chrome alongside Firefox. Love's lean, mean and fast. But it's got bugs of its own, like the way the drag bar on my laptop's trackpad only works in the downward direction when I'm in Chrome. I can scroll down, but it won't scroll up. I have to use the arrows for that. Annoying, but I'll get over it.

Bookmarking is also fairly weak. But those are minor quibbles. I like software that just works. Chrome does. It'll stay on my hard drive as a result.

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