Piggy, piggy

For the second night in a row I made a chicken fried pork cutlet dinner.

The other day I bought 2 pounds of pork cutlets on clearance  that were almost out of date... so I needed to eat them fast. Both last night and tonight I ate a pound of fried pork with a 25 ounce jar of apple sauce on the side. Last night it just felt good and tasted great but tonight was a different story.

You seem I had unknowingly run out of potatoes and so last night I went without.  Tonight was a different story, however; I had stocked up on taters again and the addition of the those spuds really made the meal too big. I was so full when I finished eating, round 10pm, that I was having hot flashes!  It really tasted good but you have to know your limits. I hope in the future I remember mine.  *burp*


GA Girl said…
Seems like you're testing your intestinal wash out pretty intensly...hope you're feeling OK.
Mar said…
Dropping by to say hello after a very long time and hoping you are feeling well :)
Cynnie said…
you and I have way too many food related things in common :( ..
I was back reading ..I thought i was just insane cause when i eat certain fruit my lips itch like crazy!!the older i get the more fruits i'm adding to the list.
the more foods i'm adding to the list ..
my whole face sometimes feels itchy ..is this part of it ?

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