New Computer

I finally have had enough of my current computer. It'll be 8 years old in 6 weeks and it's been having issues for years. So far I've always managed to get it to work again but I'm pushing my luck a little too far.

I've been having the blue screen of death appear about every third bootup. Now this isn't the first time this has happened but in the past there was usually a reason I could determine for the problem. Often insufficient hard drive space, sometimes incompatible devices would make for boot problems, but this time I have enough open room on the HD, sufficient RAM and no new devices installed.

As a result, when I saw mention at today that Dell was selling a computer for under $300 I finally decided to take the plunge.

Dell Inspiron 530N Desktop $274, Aug 26

Dell Home has Inspiron 530N Desktop for $239 + $35 shipping
  • Intel Pentium dual-core E2180 (1MB, 2.00GHz, 800FSB)
  • 2GB, 250GB, DVD Burner, Intel Graphics Accelerator 3100
  • Ubuntu Linux version 8.04 with DVD Playback, 1yr warranty

There's no monitor on this computer, and it doesn't have a Microsoft operating system, depending on Ubuntu instead, but with a price of $294 (with NC tax added) I felt I should finally upgrade.

Essential programs like word processing, web browser, drawing and graphics applications are included with the OS so I should be good to go. Of course many if not all my Windows specific programs aren't going to work on this machine...


GA Girl said…
Having read yur blog for some time now, may I say - It's about time!!!!! :0
Uisce said…
OMG what an amazing price -- congrats to you!
rosemary said…
good shopping Dave......I have always hated having to get a new computer....all that stuff to load.
SassyAssy said…
*Falling off the couch* Amazing!!! Have fun with your new toy.
Nikki-ann said…
Sounds like a great price... it just goes to show how much Microsoft products push up the price of things!
Carmi said…
It amazes me how low computer prices have come over the last couple of years. When computers cost well into the four figures, no one gave it a second thought when things didn't work all that well: We invested whatever time we could to fix it.

Now, with prices dipping under $300, they're almost discretionary purchases. Soon, we'll be able to buy new hardware alongside our groceries.

Wait, the grocery superstore near my house actually HAS a low-priced electronics section near the food aisles. Hmm...

May you use your new machine in the best of health. Can't wait to hear about your experience with Ubuntu. Where are you getting the build from? (Yes, I need to rebuild some hardware here, too!)

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