For the most part I have a very even disposition but occasionally I'll enter a foul mood and that's happening now. For around a week I've been grumpy, When I feel this way I tend to avoid contact with others as much as I can and just sulk until I get over it. This is why I've not been posting much of late. I just don't feel very social. So fuck off.

Still here? Can't take a hint, huh? Well if you're still reading I'll let you know who I'm currently following in the Olympics. Christina Loukas. That's her over on the left. Looks pretty serious doesn't she?

Loukas is a 22 year old diver from Chicago. As you can surmise from her name, her family originally came from Greece. She caught my eye 'cause she's what I like to see in an athlete: muscular. This woman looks like she could bench press cars. She's fantastic.

Her father played college football and her uncle made it to the pros (well, the Bills which is almost the same thing) so athleticism and those muscles must run in the family.

According to the NBC website bio, Loukas took swimming and diving lessons when she was very young, but was mainly focused on gymnastics. When she began to get burnt out in gymnastics at age 12, she made the switch to diving. She's been at it ever since. Bodywise she reminds me of a gymnast more than a diver--she's obviously quite talented to do well at both sports.

I'm still grumpy. Go away.


I have not seen her and I am an Olympic fanatic. Going to have to check her out.
GA Girl said…
Sorry you're so grumpy. Maybe a trip West would cheer you up! ;)
tiff said…
Um, it's "get off my lawn," not "go away."

When I was in college I took "Elementary springboard diving" as my PE credit. I failed. The OTHER 10 kids in the calss, all of whom were formers divers or gymnasts, passed.


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