Diets are not all the same

Mood often drives what I eat. Lately I've been grumpy and when that is so, I generally am too lazy to do any cooking. As a result I've had little other than potato chips and Pepsi this past week and a half.

And my belly has rejoiced. My body, and more directly--my intestines, really handle candy, soda and naughty things like that quite well.

Unfortunately today I decided to cook my first "real food" in the past 12 days. Those burgers over there to the left. Big mistake. HUGE! (I think I lifted that from the shopping scene in Pretty Woman)

Tomorrow I go back to salty snacks and soda.

At least the burgers tasted really good. :-)


GA Girl said…
Nothing like taking a sledge hammer to your system. :(

They look like they tasted good...
Smug said…
I have been cutting out all dairy from my diet the last two weeks, but had some yesterday and boy did my stomach protest! I totally feel your pain!!
tiff said…
Nice way to switch it up, tho your GI system didn't much care for it.

So how's that antifreeze experiment going? Something about polyproylene glycol? Yes?
At least they weren't the "Baconater" from Wendy's. LOL.

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