Windy Morning

I hit the lake early this morning to do some paddling before the water became crowded with recreation boats and jet-skis.

It was a warm but very overcast morning. Windy too. Very good conditions if you wanted a good workout since battling the wind, as long as the waves aren't too high, is something I like to do.

At the furthest point I usually go, there's a sheltered cove that doubles as a sailboat marina. I found this gaggle of Canadian Geese scurrying about on the bank. You can't see it in the picture, but there was one fellow that mistakenly got separated and was up above all the rest. He seemed quite upset about it, but apparently not enough to fly down the 2 feet or so. I've noticed a lot of people are like that too. Not the flying part tho. Just the complaining but not doing anything about it part.

And speaking of following... as I left the cove I followed this young kid as he tacked between the floats that protected the inlet and bravely ventured out onto the windy lake.

In a kayak the wind was... interesting, but in a sailboat it must have been a rush when those sails filled up. It was more gusting than steady so I bet the people sailboating had frequent surprises.

Much as I like the graceful way that sailboats move about on the water, on days like today it would just take too much paying attention to the wind for me. I like to focus on the water too much to really watch the wind all the time.


Nikki-ann said…
I haven't been kayaking since I was a kid :)

Do you have waterproof casing for your camera or are you just extra careful?

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