Where's the sheep?

I had a few days of vacation this week and I was planning on visiting my parents. They're having their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend. Unfortunately my boss decided at the last minute to switch my vacation days from before July 4th to after so I ended up working through Thursday.

So my new plan was to catch a nap after work then hit the road. Unfortunately my tendency towards insomnia has been hitting hard this past week. The last good night of sleep I had was last Thursday and tonight was no exception to this trend. I wanted to sleep 3 or 4 hours and I'm still awake 5 hours after I initially went to bed.

Aren't these sheep cute? That's a design from Threadless T-shirts. I sure do understand that sheep counting thing--not that it helps any.

The end result is a delay in departure. I have trouble doing the 15 minute drive home from work when I'm like this, driving a few hours on the Interstate would not be a good idea. It's weird. Laying in bed I can't sleep, but if I do something that distracts me, like watching tv or driving--then I'll be asleep in minutes. It's very aggravating.

I'm planning on making Pasta Bolognese while I'm at my parents house. For some reason they find it entertaining to have me cook. Go figure. In any case, I think I've learned from my mistakes the other day and this time will construct an amazing dish of pasta. Well, I can hope anyway. The main thing is--less salt!


Teresa said…
I'm sorry you couldn't sleep. It does seem that when you have to sleep, insomnia will kick in.

I also was having a rough sleep week. I don't think I'd slept more than 3 hours a night for the about a week, but last night I had a breakthrough and slept for almost 7 hours. Of course, I was supposed to be up this morning as I had a lot of things on my to-do list. I hope your sleepnessness ends soon!

Happy Anniversary to your parents!
SassyAssy said…
I hate that insomnia....hope you get some rest, have a safe journey to your parents & make some amazing pasta for their anniversary! 50 years! That is awesome!
I hope you get some good sleep - or at least good enough naps squeezed in to be alert. (I'm a champion napper!).
Shephard said…
Love the shirt design.
Have you visited shirt dot woot dot com? Fun shirts. One new one every day, $10 including shipping. :)

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