two pictures

Not much going on so I thought I'd share two pictures from the past week.

This first one looks like a drowning bird. It's actually an "after shot" from the chicken I roasted last Thursday. The wings and a stub of the tail had roasted right to the iron of my Dutch oven and as a result, when I lifted the chicken out of the pot the burnt on parts stayed behind. I took a picture 'cause I thought it looked funny. Like the rest of the bird was still there under the surface.

This next one is the results of my skin tag removal. The snipping off of the flesh didn't hurt much but ripping the band aid off my belly when I got home after work really stung. Those belly hairs really don't like to be removed!

The point to the bandage was to prevent blood from getting on my clothes. Since only a drop or two leaked out, I think I'd rather have gone with the bleeding over the ripping my hairs out approach.


Oh no! The band-aid does look like it was painful to remove. Do you have a little bald patch now?
GA Girl said…
Ouch! That looks like it was painful :(

The chicken picture is funny - looks like carrot and celery quicksand and a slowly sinking unfortunate critter. See? poultry have personalities, this one is begging for a name.
SassyAssy said…
Ewwwwww. You should seriously think about waxing!

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